My name is Artyom Saqib, I am a visual artist and this is my portfolio website, where you can find my recent works, tutorials, buy some of my stuff and download free materials for your projects!


Anime Motion Lines Backgrounds

Hey! Do you like anime? Personally I’ve never been a fan, but recently i’ve stumbled upon some cool Japanese animated movies that really got me inspired, so i decided to create animated motion lines backgrounds like those you can see in anime action scenes.

As a result we’ve got 12 seamlessly looping backgrounds, all with different color schemes and styles. There are also 12 transitions based on those backgrounds which can be useful for your projects. I really loved making them and hope you would like it too!

  • 12 seamlessly loopable backgrounds (h264), 0:10 sec each
  • 12 transitions (PNG + Alpha), 0:02 sec each
  • FullHD Resolution 1920×1080, 29.97 fps

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